Receiving From God

The Word of God reveals that God is a giver; that He gave Himself as the person of Jesus Christ who gave His life for our salvation and that God gives us all things with Him. Many struggle to receive from God, not realizing that it is God's will and plan for us to receive everything we need from Him.

Receiving from God is an important aspect of our relationship with Him. God has a specific plan for each of us and we are required to co-operate with Him to see its fulfilment in our lives. When we are open to receive what we need from Him and rely on Him to provide it for us, it pleases Him and makes it possible for Him to accomplish His will and plan in, for and through us. For example, if you are sick and do not know how to receive your healing, how are you going to be well enough to serve Him and others as you should? If you are financially unstable and do not know how to receive your financial breakthrough, how are you going to give to the work of the Kingdom and bless others?

Struggling to receive from God is an indication that there is a problem in our relationship with Him and can further problems if not resolved. This series is designed to address these and related issues by giving divine wisdom and revelation from God's Word on the subject.

It is God's will and plan for us to live full, healthy and prosperous lives for the glory of His name and Kingdom and when we do, it is a testimony of God's love, power and faithfulness to others.

In this teaching series, you will discover:

  • How to receive from God
  • Obstacles and barriers that keep us from receiving from God, what they are, how to identify them and overcome them
  • The work of the cross and receiving from God

and much more.

We are in a season of harvest, signs and wonders, miracles, breakthroughs, answers to prayer and revival like we have never seen or experienced before.

My prayer is: that you will be blessed and strengthened by God through His Word in this teaching; that it will bring you into a closer and deeper relationship with Him; that it will help answer your questions and will help you receive everything God has for you as well as what you have been asking Him for.

- Richard Pace

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