Build Me An Ark

In October 2007, The Lord spoke to me and said, "Build Me an ark!" He then showed me a vision of a flood of darkness covering the world involving specific events including a worldwide economic disaster. Approximately a year and a half later, this same economic disaster came to pass during which the Lord told me of a second which will be far worse than the first.

The Lord also revealed, during this time He will build, enlarge and increase the Church to prepare it for an unprecedented harvest of souls coming into it as a result of these events, and is calling us to build His ark (the Church) for this purpose. We are in the last days and everything revealed in God's Word is coming to pass.

This message reveals the importance of being in an intimate relationship with Christ, planted in the Church and building the Church ESPECIALLY at this time and for the times to come.

This is one of the most important prophetic messages I have received in my ministry. The urgency that accompanied it was almost overwhelming. Not only does it have local but global significance. I urge all who hear and read it, especially pastors, leaders, ministers and intercessors, to join with me in prayer so the body of Christ will be prepared for what is to come and so together, we may build God's ark. - Richard Pace

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