Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Deliverance from Migraine Headaches

After hearing Exposing the Hidden Things of Darkness, I gained an understanding and fresh knowledge of what spiritual warfare is and how possessing contact objects can affect our daily lives in a negative way.

With this in mind I was able to assist a friend.

In 2005, a friend named Santiago, upon conversation, informed me that he had been suffering from severe migraine headaches. He had seen doctors and specialists about his condition. But none could pin point the root of it.

Therefore I asked him whether he had any of the contact objects mentioned in Richard's teaching.

He then informed me that he had objects which he brought home after going on a holiday to Egypt. More specifically, these objects were statues of the Pyramids and other Egyptian artifacts.

Through the series, Richard teaches from the Word of God that these objects should not be kept, due to the nature of and history behind the objects.

Therefore I told him that he should get rid of them. He did, but he only removed them from his room. He did not remove them from his home. The following day I asked him how he was feeling and he told me that the headaches had gone.

However, I recently contacted him to see how he was going. He told me that the headaches returned. I questioned him about whether he removed the Egyptian statues from his home but he told me that he merely moved the objects from his room into another room. Therefore it could be said that those objects, despite the fact that they are no longer in his room, are still affecting him as they are still in his home. Once again I told him to get rid of them. After seeing Richard's website, he also informed me that there were images of the Eye of god in the house, however he could not do much about disposing of those images, as they do not belong to him.

- Raquel S

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