Sunday, 30 May 2010

Delivered and Healed

The following is a testimony we received from a woman named Maeroa and her husband named Peki who attended our monthly miracle service on Sunday the 30th of May 2010.

In the service, I received a word of knowledge for women who were being plagued by demonic nightmares as recent as two weeks before the service. The Lord revealed that the nightmares were demonic attacks the enemy was using to prevent these women from receiving an anointing for prophetic dreams and visions the Lord wanted to give them. Four women came forward and one of them was Maeroa. As the women were being delivered, I came to Maeroa, when I did, the Lord began revealing things to me about her and one of them was that she had a spirit of fear, which she confirmed. We drove the spirit out in Jesus' name and she was instantly delivered.

Later, the Lord had me bring her and her husband out together. The Lord began showing me things about them and what they were going through which they confirmed.

Also, during the service, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for people who were being healed of neck problems. Three people confirmed that they had the neck problems stated and were instantly healed as I gave the word of knowledge. Maeroa was one of them.

Jesus Christ is truly alive and moving in Toongabbie and all the body of Christ! To Him belongs the glory forvever and ever! Amen!

- Richard Pace


Dear Pastors,

To God be the glory forever and ever Amen!

Thank you very much for welcoming us to your service.

The glory of God was all over that place!


Nightmares: Yes, the week before the meeting, I saw myself in a dream lying down, and the devil was ripping apart the left side of my chest. I saw blood and torn tissues and flesh, the left side of my chest was completely opened and muilated.

the devil drove a spear through what he thought was my heart. I felt nothing at all as I lay there but I heard myself commanding him "By the blood of Jesus, I come against you and in the mighty name of Jesus", and the dream ended.

Neck healed: The annointing  upon me was so heavy that I was unable to move or to speak to testify about God healing my neck. I was just enjoying the holy presence of God!!!! I came with pain at the base of my neck, and it was completely gone before I left that place.

Delivered from the spirit of fear: God delievered me from the spirit of fear too. Yes, you did command that spirit out of me and it left in Jesus name.

My husband and I: Everything the Lord gave you about us was true and every message for us was the answer to our prayers! My husband is the overseer for our church's praise and worship team. I myself am in the team and in the intercessors' group.

We were facing persecution form those above us. But God kept reminding us that we must submit to our leaders,  we were not to gossip about them, nor criticise them but to bless them and pray for them only. God was testing us as you said..."To strengthen us and to receive the new thing He will do in our lives"

We left that place knowing that God has taken us to another level of our faith.

God has sent us to you people for "....such a time as this"

It is not how big the church is, it is how much of God is in the church!

As I sat in the meeting, I saw a multitude of people (broken, confused, wounded physically and spiritually), walking into the church. That place will soon be overcrowded!

May the good Lord continue to pour out the oil and wine of His unlimited annointing upon His Pastors and blessing upon every member in your church.

Keep up the good work!

In Christ,

Maeroa and Peki.

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