Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Press Through! (Prophetic Vision)

On the morning of Friday the 29th of July, as I prayed I saw a vision. I was surrounded by a thick, white fog. The fog was so thick that I couldn't see in front of me. I began to slowly move through the fog - clearing it away with my hands. As I did, I became anxious and began to panic because I couldn't find the end of it. Then I heard a voice say, "Keep going forward!" "Press through!" As I turned to the left the voice said, "No! Don't turn that way, keep going straight ahead!" As I turned to the right, the voice said, "No! Don't turn that way either, keep going the way you're going!" I cautiously proceeded further. Again the voice said, "Keep going, just a little further, don't give up!" Then I looked up, the fog cleared and I saw Jesus standing in front of me. He looked beautiful. He was wearing a white robe and the glory radiated from Him as a dazzling, pure, bright light. He lovingly looked at me with a smile on His face and outstretched arms ready to embrace me. I felt a tremendous peace - His peace, wash over me like water. Then He said "Come." And I ran to Him and embraced Him. Then the vision ended.

As I meditated on the vision the Holy Spirit said, The fog represents the tests, trials, difficulties, hardships or challenges you are going through. You pushing through the fog represents you pushing through those situations with prayer, praise and worship - seeking God and praising and worshipping Him in the midst of the tests, trials, difficulties, hardships and challenges. Then I realized the voice I heard in the vision was the voice of Jesus - the Holy Spirit, guiding me through the fog and that I had to make sure I was attentive and obedient to the voice and instructions of the Lord if I wanted to make it through. Seeing Jesus in the vision represents the fact that Jesus was with me in the fog. Not so much that Jesus was waiting for me on the other end of the fog and if I pushed through to the end, I would see Him but that Jesus was WITH me IN the fog, speaking to me, guiding me and directing me IN it. This represents the fact that Jesus is not only waiting for us on the other side of the trial but is with us in the trial - leading, directing and guiding us through it. It also represents having a revelation of Him and His love for you in the midst of the trial.

Then I heard the Lord say, "This vision is not only for you but is for others going through similar situations as you." "Share it with as many people as you can, it will bless and encourage them." This is for those facing great tests, trials, difficulties, hardships and attacks, who feel like they are lost and not sure which way to go. Persevere! Keep going forward! Be attentive to and obey the word and instructions of the Lord. Know that He is with you, leading, directing and guiding you through it. He will reveal Himself to you and bring you out of it as you continue to seek Him.


- Richard Pace


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