Monday, 2 May 2011

He Came Down!

The following is the testimony of a woman who came to our Good Friday/Communion Service on the 22nd of April 2011. - Richard Pace

See, on Friday night while my eyes were closed, right? It was the Holy Spirit that came around. I had my hands lifted to the heavens above. When I felt this wind coming from my left hand side.

Quietly I opened my eyes. Looked at the the table by my side. I've looked to see if there's any fan. Of which I saw none.

That's after we worshipped, sang the songs to our God. After rendering the voice of our hearts. I believe He was blessed that's why He blew His wind, it was Him, He was present on that night.

I've closed my eyes and continued on. There was some waiting going on, on our part. We rested our hearts in honour of that night. Yes, He came down from the heavens above.

He visited His church without a doubt. It was that night, Friday, probably 7:55. I have no doubt, it was Him. Who else can blow like that?

There was the second time. Not long after the first one gone. Didn't open my eyes anymore. Cos I knew there was no fan around.

I didn't say a word, but it burdens my heart. Why should I keep it, it's for His Church. Light of the World, His ministry, His loved ones. Letting us all know, He was around.

I need to tell, you must know that. Encourage everyone, Omni-present, He is God. Alpha and Omega, He is the One. He was there, He came down. On that night, the 22nd of April, I testify!

- Anonymous


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