Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Purifying Fire

Just concluded our first Wednesday night revival fire meeting since I and my family returned from our holiday! It went off! It was awesome! The power of God was especially strong tonight and everyone here was touched by the Holy Spirit without exception.

Tonight the Lord said, "I am sending a purifying fire to remove the sin, sinful nature, weakness, impurity, sickness, disease and demonic oppression that is binding my people!"

Then I saw a vision of a bush fire burning through a forest. The fire raged through the forest and everything the fire touched was destroyed.

Then the Lord said, "Just as the fire you saw destroyed everything in its path, so too will I send holy fire to destroy everything that still binds my people!"

Just as the fire in my vision spread throughout the forest, the fire of God will spread throughout Sydney, NSW and the nation and will transform everything in its path.

The Lord also said, "I have chosen Sydney (NSW) as a prayer and intercession capital (centre). I have, am and will raise armies of mighty intercessors and prayer warriors from you."

I will be sharing more on this soon.

- Richard Pace


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