Monday, 14 February 2011

The Fire of God

On the first of December 1999, the Lord gave me a prophecy about a significant move of the Spirit that is coming to the Church and the world. This move of God will involve a fresh outpouring of the fire of God which wiil bring purification, transformation, change and revival as well as signs, wonders and miracles that have never been seen before.

The Lord recently brought this prophecy to my attention and after twelve years has had me publish it because what it reveals is coming to pass.

                                                                                                                                                                  - Richard Pace


1st December 1999

During prayer the Lord showed me a vision.

I saw a city before me, quiet and still. I looked up and saw fire coming down from heaven upon the city. I knew it was not an earthly (natural) fire because it was unlike any fire I have seen before. The fire was transparent. Its colours were dazzling; red, orange and yellow. It was a gentle fire yet I knew it was more powerful and burned hotter, stronger and deeper than any earthly fire. It danced as it came to rest on the city and everything under it was affected, changed. It covered the whole city for a distance of thirty kilometers.

The vision pulled back and I saw other cities like this city and fire descending upon them. Then I looked around and saw there were thousands of these cities, a number I could not count. All of them burned under the fire that came down from heaven.

The Lord spoke to me and said,

I am sending new fire upon you, the church and the world. A new anointing, a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit. New wine. Fresh water. (In other words, an anointing for a new thing the Lord wants to do)*

This is what will happen.

The Christian denominations will unite. They will come together and will merge with one another. Because of this, the churches will grow and prosperity will be theirs. They will resolve their differences. The doctrines of men will be removed and replaced with true, Biblical revelation.

The anointing will manifest in ways the Church and the world has never seen before and will increase to such an extent that men and women will tremble with the fear of God.

Thousands upon thousands, multiplied thousands will be saved and nations will be swept into the kingdom. Men and women, young and old will abandon sin, the flesh and the world and will worship God.

Then I saw another vision.

In the vision I saw thousands upon thousands of young people - young men, women and children running into the Church - into the arms of the Lord. They were the drug addicts, abused, prostitutes, poor and homeless. They were sick of sin and what the world had to offer.

The Lord took them and made mighty men and women of them; Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. They were sent out to make disciples of the nations and they brought even more people into the kingdom.

The Lord spoke to me.

The Jubilee of the Church has begun, but the climax or peak season will now begin and this peak season will bring with it the greatest move of the Holy Spirit in history.

* Added by the writer for clarity.


Richard Pace


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