Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Queensland Cyclone

As the people of Queensland prepare for the most devastating cyclone they have seen to date, The Lord brought to my rememberance a prophecy He gave me about this.

The following is an excerpt from a prophecy about specific natural disasters that will be coming to New Zealand and Australia including the cyclone that's about to hit Queensland.

Many years ago, the Lord showed me that there will be an earthquake as well as a tsunami that will hit New Zealand, a devastating cyclone that will destroy the whole East coast of Australia starting at Queensland and working its way down through New South Wales to Victoria and a tsunami (tidal wave) that will also hit the East coast of Australia amongst many other things. The Lord also told me that these disasters can be averted if the people repent and offer prayer.

The following is another prophecy the Lord gave me fifteen years ago about what we are seeing in Australia now.

In October 1995, the Lord spoke to me of a time when Australia will see natural disasters of severity and frequency unlike any it has seen before.  That time has now come.

For the country of Australia,

Declares the Lord;

Rain, floods, hail, cyclones, wind, storms, drought, heat waves, earthquakes, fires and so many deluges that none would not have heard of the damage caused. Many states and cities will see devastation. Many lives will be lost.

Prepare! Be ready, in season and out of season! Spring, summer, autumn and winter. For the next few decades will the danger increase but as the danger increases, My grace and blessings will also.

(Prophetic Message for Australia - Oct, 1995).

I urge everyone who reads these prophecies to pray for the  protection and preservation of the people of Queensland, that this cyclone will not occur and if it does that it will move no further than the state of Queensland. If we pray, the risk of anyone being injured or killed will be decreased, the cyclone will weaken and will not continue through to New South Wales and Victoria.

- Richard Pace


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