Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Zealand Earthquake

In September 2010, New Zealand experienced one of its worst earthquakes in years. Today, New Zealand experienced a 6.3 magnitude earthquake in its capital city, Christchurch. Although not as strong as the September quake, it has caused more devastation than any quake New Zealand has seen. The following is an excerpt from a prophecy about specific natural disasters that will be coming to New Zealand and Australia including an earthquake that will hit New Zealand.

Many years ago, the Lord showed me that there will be an earthquake as well as a tsunami that will hit New Zealand, a devastating cyclone that will destroy the whole East coast of Australia starting at Queensland and working its way down through New South Wales to Victoria and a tsunami (tidal wave) that will also hit the East coast of Australia amongst many other things. The Lord also told me that these disasters can be averted if the people repent and offer prayer.

I urge everyone who reads this prophecy to pray for the  protection and preservation of the people of New Zealand.

Richard Pace


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