Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Prediction for the Coming Years

Prophecy, 14th Dec 2001

I originally received this prophetic message from the Lord seven years ago on the 14th of December, 2001.  Not only does it speak of the time in which it was given but it also speaks prophetically about the time which we are in now. Not only was it speaking about the year(s) after it was given (2002, 2003 and beyond) but it can also be applied to 2009 and the years to follow. Seven years later the Lord has revived this prophetic message and is saying the same thing again in " Build Me an Ark" and " Pastor's Letter (Dec 2008)"

Since this prophetic message was given, my family and I aswell as members of our church have experienced physical manifestations of God's presence (glory) in the form of gold, silver and platinum dust, the cloud of glory, the fire of God, the wind of the Spirit and more. We have seen more salvations, signs, wonders, healings and miracles than we ever have before. We have had second and third heaven encounters, angelic visitations and the Lord has taken our Church to a higher level in Him.

                                                                                                                                                                  - Richard Pace

The Lord spoke to me about next year and the years to come: what to expect, watch and pray for.

The Lord said; "much of the turmoil that you saw happening in the world this year will continue next year. Not exactly in the same way but in different manifestations. The darkness in the world will continue to grow darker but the light in the church will continue to grow brighter and the darker the darkness becomes [in the world] the brighter the light will become [in the church] so bright in fact that the people of the world will be attracted to it and will be drawn into the church. Millions of people will be brought to salvation and into the kingdom of God."

The glory of God will increase over and within the church to the point where there will be physical manifestations of God's glory.

Places where God's people [the church] gather to praise and worship Him will be filled with smoke and power. People will not only feel or smell the presence of God but will also see it.

Greater numbers will be healed. The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the lame will walk, the dumb will speak, many will be raised from the dead, missing limbs will be restored, creative miracles will take place and millions will be saved.

The Holy Spirit will manifest Himself physically in meetings where people will literally see Him standing before them.

Angels will manifest themselves more frequently and many of these manifestations will  occur not only in church meetings, but also on the street (in the world). The fear of God will descend upon the whole church. Click to read "An Angelic Encounter" 

Click to read "Angels: Our Unseen Allies (Part 1)" 

Click to read "Angels: Our Unseen Allies (Part 2)"

Many will turn back to God and to correct teaching. A great purification will spread over the church and the world to prepare it for what the Lord is going to do.

We have entered into a new realm [level] in our own ministry and the prosperity will continue. There will be another major turning point in our ministry next year that will bring greater change and prosperity. It will be as though we had suddenly prospered. Many of the manifestations that have been mentioned here will begin to occur in a greater way in  our  meetings. It will be another glorious year for the church, which will begin now and will continue to develop and strengthen over the coming years.

The Lord tells us to prepare and to be ready for it.  


- Richard Pace


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