Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Army of God

On Saturday, the 29th of March, 2008, The Lord spoke to me (Richard Pace) about what is to transpire in the earth soon.

This prophetic word was given at our miracle service on Sunday, the 30th of March, 2008.

God is raising up an army and we are part of it!

The time is coming and is now here; says the Lord, when the Church will rise in power! My army that I have reared, nurtured and trained, will rise in power and all will tremble. This army is now hidden, concealed, unknown, unnoticed, unappreciated and unsung. They are hidden in families, in churches, in homes, in caves, on the street and under rocks. Who can know them? Who can know who they are? Only I, the Lord know those whom I have chosen from before the foundation of the world. They are in training, hidden in my quiver, covered under the shadow of my wing. I myself am training them! A fearful army! And who can withstand them! They are hidden but now they shall be revealed. They will rise to go forth and do mighty exploits in my name! I will do even greater things through them than the Patriarchs, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, the Prophets, Apostles and Saints put together. They will be mine! My sons and daughters, My faithful friends. They are precious to Me and I to them. These are not just any warriors! These are not men and women who do not know Me that I will use because no one else would go. These are my precious children, hand picked, personally chosen by Me! These are the ones who have received My mark on their foreheads (Eze 9:5 & 6, Rev 9:4, 22:4). They are the drug addicts, the abused, the criminals, the hated, the unloved. They are the rejected of society! Those who nobody wanted but I want and love them. I will take them, change them and turn them into a desirable thing and when the world sees them they will desire them, they will suddenly want the ones whom they rejected but I will say; "NO! They are mine! These are the ones you rejected! These are the ones you said were the scum and filth of society! These are the ones you called useless and hopeless! These are the ones you called ugly and good for nothing! These are the ones you abandoned! These are the ones you mocked and persecuted! These are the ones you said were not from God! These are the ones you called false prophets! They will rise in battle but they will not be fighting a natural battle with natural weapons or warfare strategies. They will not fight with tanks, guns and bombs but with spiritual weaponry fit for spiritual warfare and while the people of the world fight their "natural" battles - while they fight their natural wars, killing each other and destroying one another's cities, they will be fighting and winning a spiritual battle. They will go out with the power, anointing, gifts, ministries and offices of the Holy Spirit. They will go out with the word of God. They will go out with praise, worship, prayer and fasting. They will go out with love. These are the weapons of their warfare and no curse will be against them, no harm shall come to them. They will be covered by the shadow of My wing. They will walk under a protective covering, they will walk in divine protection and the anointing under which they walk will be so strong that any one who attempts to harm or kill them must die! No harm shall come to them. No sickness or disease shall plague them. No demonic attack or resistance shall withstand them. They will not be stopped and will not die (leave the earth) until they have accomplished their mission. They will subdue their enemies. They will subdue religious spirits, the jezebel spirit, the spirit of occult, the spirit of infirmity, the spirit of fear and the fear of man. They are My army!


At this time, those in positions of authority will once again be evaluated and judged. A great revival is coming to Sydney and all of Australia. If the revival I have promised is going to come to Australia, Sydney and its suburbs then any one in positions of secular or religious authority who are abusing their authority must be removed for they are a hindrance to My plan. These events are connected to and will come to pass as a result of your prayers on Sunday. You are in a season where I am judging, exposing and removing a religious spirit from the land. This spirit is very strong in this country especially in Sydney and it is time for it to be removed for it is preventing the revival that I wish to bring to this country. A religious spirit will be driven out of the land as a result of the prayers you will offer tomorrow (Sunday 30th March, 2008) and a mighty revival will sweep through Australia, the likes of which has never been seen before. At the moment, the people of this country marvel at how My Spirit is moving in the nations of the world and they wait for men and women to come here from overseas to preach the Gospel to them or they are moving overseas to get "a dose of the Holy Ghost" but a time is coming and is now here when the revival will be so great in this nation that the nations will look to you and say; "Wow! Look at what is happening over there! The Holy Spirit is moving in Australia! And they will flock to this nation.


- Richard Pace


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