One lunch time, at work, I was praying with a friend and the Lord showed me a vision of what is going to happen in Australia very soon.

I saw the city of Sydney from above. I looked  to see  a  huge tidal wave quickly approaching the city. The tidal wave rose higher than centre point tower and made a noise like thunder. I took a closer look at the wave and noticed it was not made of water but of people. Thousands and thousands of people connected together to form a human tidal wave. They cried out and the sound of their voices was like the sound of thunder.

The tidal wave came crashing down with force upon the centre of the city, again I took a closer look and noticed that at the head of the wave were people with bibles in their hands proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to those they met. Many who heard them accepted the message and were added to the wave of people that was spreading throughout the city. People were being healed, delivered and restored everywhere. As the wave continued moving, it gained momentum, speed, strength and grew greater in number and size.

Then I saw this wave of people spreading over N.S.W, then over every state, city and suburb until the whole country was covered with this human wave. It was like a flood of water in the form of people, covering the whole nation. Then the Lord said to me, "what you see here is the revival that is coming to Australia which had been prophesied about for centuries."

This revival will be significant because it will be the final move of God before the return of Jesus Christ and it is by this that the world will know that He is returning soon. It will be a move of God never witnessed before in Australia. Millions will be saved, healed and restored. There will be mighty signs and wonders to confirm the Holy Spirit's presence in the nation. No opposition will succeed against this revival; any opposition  against  it will fail completely. Those of other religions will be converted to Christ especially Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. There will be rejoicing in Australia then the Lord will come.

*A short time after I received this prophecy, REV DR TAYO ADEYMI an English preacher at a conference called, "Possessing the Great Southland" said, quote, "A TIDAL WAVE OF REVIVAL IS ABOUT TO HIT AUSTRALIA".