Wednesday, 7 August 2002

Revival is Coming to Australia

Prophecy, August 2002

There will be a mighty revival, a glorious move of the Spirit of God in Australia. It will begin with Sydney and will then spread throughout the country to every state and capital city, town and suburb. It will be unprecedented, unlike anything this country has ever seen. A great multitude of people will rise up in Jesus name to cover the nation with the gospel. Not one stone shall be left unturned nor crack unfilled. One by one the strongholds and fortresses of the enemy, which  had  stood for centuries, will come crumbling and crashing down. They will be over thrown, defeated and destroyed.

The gods of sport, entertainment, apathy, blasphemy, sex, drugs, homosexuality, selfishness, hatred, division, jealousy, fear, self indulgence and pleasure will be cast out. The hearts of men and women will be turned back to God and righteousness. It shall come to a point that if people had to choose between going to a sporting or entertainment event in the day or evening or to a prayer meeting or evangelistic event held on the same day or evening, the majority will choose the prayer meeting or evangelistic event.

- Richard Pace


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